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TOKYO wedding info

Last updated: May 10, 2024




Experience Schedule

Experience schedule

​Placeholder schedule: This will change

1:00Pm     | Akihabara

Oct 23,2024  Pre-Wedding Day

Early arrivers can join Edward and Roxanne in the ultimate adventure of video games, tech, and anime culture in the vibrant nerd hub of Akihabara. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

​MEET | Outside Akihabara Station - Exit via 5 (we will wait until 1:15PM)
NOTE | From Edition Hotel Toranomon, take the Hibiya Line 20 mins to Akihabara Station

​7:00PM     | Wedding chech-in

Indulge in a delightful pre-wedding evening with charcuterie and wine in the bride and groom's suite, setting the stage for the big day ahead.

​MEET | In suite #___ @ Edition Hotel Toranomon
NOTE | Please dress "Smart Casual" (refined, polished, put-together, a step below cocktail)

Oct 24,2024 Wedding daY 1

​3:30PM     | Bus (To venue)

There will be one shuttle to the venue.
Departure @ 3:30PM

​MEET | Outside
Edition Hotel Toranomon Lobby
NOTE | If you miss the shuttle take the Ginza Line to Omote-Sando Station - Exit via B2

Please proceed to the 2nd floor when your name is announced.

NOTE | If you are tired, a shuttle will be available to transport you to Edition Hotel Toranomon @ 7:00PM. Everyone will continue the evening with the bride & groom in an adventure in Tokyo's electric city of Shibuya, an experience you won't want to miss.

4:00PM    | Ceremony

​8:30AM       | Bus (​to ASAKUSA)

Oct 25,2024  Wedding daY 2

Mystery Activity: Prepare for a full day of fun from old to new. The day will consist of walking, so bring your walking shoes.

​MEET | Outside
Edition Hotel Toranomon Lobby
NOTE | If you miss the shuttle take the Ginza Line to Asakusa Station - Exit via 3

Mystery Activity: Arrive to the shuttle on time as there will only be one. Please remember to return your Kinomo before getting on the shuttle.

MEET | Near the Rickshaw area @ the original drop off location. 

NOTE | If you are tired, remain on the bus and you will be transported back to Edition Hotel Toranomon, but you're encourage to stay as the day will only get better.

12:30PM     | BuS (to Shinjuku)

Mystery Activity: Arrive to the shuttle on time as there will only be one. 

MEET | @ the original drop off location. 
NOTE | If you are tired, remain on the bus and you will be transported back to Edition Hotel Toranomon, but you're encourage to stay as the day will only get better.

6:00PM     | Bus (to AZABUDAI)

This is a short opportunity to go back to the hotel and refresh your self for dinner.

MEET | @ the original drop off location.

NOTE | If you miss the shuttle, from Team Lab, take the Yurakucho Line to Yurakucho Station, then transfer to the Hibiya Line to Kamiyacho Station - Exit via 4b

8:00PM     | Bus (to Hotel)

Dinner: Arrive to the shuttle on time as there will only be one. Refresh yourself and get ready for dinner in Roppongi Hills.

MEET | Outside
Edition Hotel Toranomon Lobby
NOTE | Dinner is at "The Oak Door"on the roof of the Hyatt hotel, dress is "Smart Casual"; if you miss the shuttle take the Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station - Exit via 1c

9:30PM     | Bus (to ROppongi)

For those up to it, the newly wedding will end at a special cocktail bar of Edward's choosing. Japanese cocktail bars tend to be very small, holding 5 to 18 people max. So those that have the energy and appreciate quality cocktail, we invite you to join us.PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW SO WE CAN RESERVE THE SEATS. Payment for this activity is on you. 

NOTE | We will go directly from dinner. We will most likely walk or take the train to allow the bus to transport people back to the hotel. Please be sure to have a Suica/Pasmo card or cash for the train so we can move quickly. There will be no bus to transport you back to the hotel. Getting back will be on you.

11:30PM    | Bus (to HOTEL)

Oct 26,2024 Optional day

​6:00PM    | Street Kart Racing

Join Edward & Roxanne in a 2 hour Super Mario themed race across Tokyo in go-karts. Remember you will need to have your international drivers license to join. This cost is on you (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP SO WE CAN RESERVE YOUR KART AND COLLECT YOUR PAYMENT FOR THIS ACTIVITY.)

​MEET | Japan, 〒150-0044 Tokyo, 15-3 Street Kart Maruyama-Cho Shibuya-ku 1F
NOTE | You can get an international drivers license at AAA or a Military license should also work. Do your research so you're not disappointed.

Hotel Block
Brushed Metal

hotel Discount

Edition hotel toranomon


IMG_9570 copy.jpg
Honeyfund QR.png


To make your experience more enjoyable and to lighten everyones load while traveling, we kindly request cash gifts only instead of physical presents.

This QR code will take you to our page where you can submit your monetary gift to help us build our future together. Your heartfelt gift will not only simplify your travel, but it will also allow us to create cherished memories in our new chapter.


​Wedding Chat

Stay in contact while in Japan?

All guest should join our WhatApps group.


Sign up

How do we stay in contact while in Japan?
Join our WhatsApp group. WhatsApp is an App that works on wifi and data opposed to cellular. It will allow us to stay connected via chat during our overseas adventure. Please download "WhatsApp" on your smart phone's App Store.

Join with this link:

If you have an iPhone you can also "Share your location" with Edward so we can easily find you.   

Are children allowed?
No, you must be at least Japan's drinking age of 20 to attend.

Do I need a visa for entry into Japan?
​Not if you are a United States Citizen.

How much disposable cash should I have?
We are covering all events during the two-day experience unless otherwise stated. The ideal amount we think you should have for personal spending is around $50/per day/per person. This does not consider hotel and flight which is outlined in o
ur invitation travel guide book that you received (page 10 & 11).

What are the wedding colors?
Refer to o
ur invitation travel guide book that you received (page 9).

​Do I have to stay at 
Edition Hotel Toranomon?
​No, you can stay anywhere that you'd like. Please note that the experience shuttle will only depart from and drop off at Edition Hotel Toranomon. You will need to find your own transportation back to your chosen hotel.

Unexpected Guest
Do not bring any person or pet that was not specifically invited. You and your unexpected guest will not be permitted to attend the experience.

What date should I arrive?
We recommend arriving by Oct 20, 2024, so you can adjust for jetlag, explore Tokyo, and potentially other cities in Japan. The JR Rail Pass is a good option for this. Be sure to receive it before your arrival.

What airport should I fly into?
​Tokyo has 2 airports, Narita (NRT) and Henda (HND). We recommend flying into HND because it's a lot nicer and closer to Tokyo Station, around 25-40 mins, depending on the mode of transportation you choose. NRT is roughly 2 hours by train to Tokyo Station. Tip: Try not to book a flight that arrives after 10PM. The train stops around 11:30PM and you'll be stuck with over priced taxis to get to your hotel.

How do I get internet in Japan?
You can get wifi in many places, like your hotel, cafes, and even on the bus. Getting a pocket wifi, SIM card, or eSim will be the best options for a seamless experience. Refer to our invitation travel guide book that you received (page 15).

What power outlet does Japan use? Do I need an adapter?
Refer to o
ur invitation travel guide book that you received (page 14).

Do I need cash in Japan or can I use my card?
Japan is a cash based country, but it's getting better when it comes to cards. You should be able to use your card at about 40% of the places you'll visit in Tokyo. Be sure to check with your bank or card provider to make sure you won't be charged a conversion or processing fee for international transaction. You can also get more information in our travel guide book that you received (page 17).

Should I learn Japanese?
Although learning Japanese will make your experience way better, it's not required in Tokyo. There is a lot of English spoken in Tokyo and many native Japanese people will want to practice their English with you. If you decide to venture out into the countryside English becomes a bit more rare, but Google Translate will come in handy in these moments. Please refer to our travel guide book that you received (page 19).




Flights: We know you are excited to book your flights. But remember booking your travel as early as possible is a myth. The best time to book your flight, for the best rates, is within 30-90 days of your departure. Though we'd prefer if you book by July for our peace of mind. Also, if you check google flights daily, you might stumble across a deal for your Oct departure in the month of April. Lastly, you can put on the flight tracker and Google will email you as the flight prices change.


Hotels: If you are on a budget for hotels and cannot stay with us at our blocked hotel. Edition Hotel Toranomon (BOOKING DEADLINE: March 31, 2024); consider "Henn na Hotel Tokyo Akasaka". We've seen rates as low as $60. It's a hotel where you are checked in by robots.


American Breakfast: You may find yourself missing American breakfast during your trip. Here are our Tokyo recommendations for those pancake and bacon lovers.

1: *** 🏆👌 Jade5 (Shibuya City / Ebisu)

2: Eggs 'n Things (Shibuya City / Omotesando)

3: Buttermilk Channel (Shibuya City /Harajuku)

4: World Breakfast All Day (Shibuya City / Gaienma)


Hot Springs: When you land from your 10+ hour flight, one of the best things you can do to rejuvenate is to visit an Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring). If you stay at an Ryokan like "Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Daita", the hotel will have an Onsen for guest, you can also get a room with a private Onsen inside. If you stay elsewhere try "Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro (not a hotel)" in north Tokyo (Itabashi City), or the onsen at HND airport located in "Hotel Villa Fontaine (12th floor)", connected to the Haneda Airport Garden.

Exploring Japan: Many of you may want to spend time exploring Japan before or after the wedding. This video is a great all inclusive guide to budgeting for your exploration. There are a few details that we would like to add in addition to the video, so if you're interested please ask.


VISA: As of April 2024, you do not need a visa as a United States citizen to enter Japan as a tourist for up to 90 days.


Temples, Shrines, Churches: Did you know that Temples are not Japanese? They are Buddhist, which comes for India. Shrines are Japanese and a part of the religious practice, "Shinto". The Japanese tend to be more focused on connecting with one's self than being religious people. Meaning they don't pray to a god in the sky, they pray to kami at shrines, seeking to connect with nature, their ancestors, and the elements of the world. If you are in need of Christianity or some other higher power worship while in Japan, here is a list of Western style Churches, Mosques and Synagogues.


While in Japan, consider experiencing the Temples, Torii Gates, and Shrines. Here is a short list to help in your research.

• Nanzen-ji Temple

• Kinkaku-ji Temple

• Fushimi Inari Shrine

• Kaneiji

• Gokokuji Temple

• Kotoku-in

• Nanzoin

Lodging: We've been getting some question about lodging. Outside of our invitation book, we sent a few options in past emails. But here is a short list of recommendations. Please click the link above and fill out the form to inform us where you're staying. If we see trends, we might be able to have a shuttle pick you up, etc.


We recommend that you stay within a 25 min train ride from Kamiyachō Station via the Hibiya line.

Try these cities: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Omotesando, Ebisu, Tokyo, Roppongi, Ginza, Shinagawa, Yoyogi, Shimbashi, Toranomon



  1. Edition Hotel Toranomon (Bride & Groom Hotel)

  2. Alfit Hotel & Bar Akasaka (5 min taxi to Edition)

  3. Aloft Ginza (12 min taxi to Edition)

  4. Henn na Hotel Tokyo Akasaka: (8 min taxi to Edtion)

  5. Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Roppongi (5 min taxi to Edtion)



  1. Sequence Miyashita Park: $150 - $400 (Edward stays here often)

  2. APA Shimbashi Toranomon: $60 - $120 (Very small rooms)

  3. Hotel Vista Tokyo Tsukiji: $160 - $250 (Clean & modern rooms)


You can also try Airbnb, though we have no specific recommendations. Just try to stay a reasonable distance from our main hotel, "Tokyo Edition, Toranomon". Ideally find a place no more than a 25 min train ride to Kamiyachō Station on the Hibiya Line.


  • PRO TIP: If you go into Google Maps and get public transportation directions from your Airbnb/Hotel to our hotel, you'll have a good idea if the commute is worth it.


Note 1: Standard rooms in Japan are very very small. Like, where do I put my suitcase small. So opt for a bigger room if it's within your budget. 


Note 2: A note for Zipair; the internet on board is free but really bad. They do have a few free current movies to watch, but we recommend downloading some entertainment for yourself before you board. There are outlets to charge your devices. Also, the snack and food options are really affordable, with beer, lemon drops, highballs, and ramen running around $3 each, and cheese ravioli running around $11. 


Internet: Don't forget to order a pocket wifi, SIM card, or e-sim. We won't say any names, but someone made the comment that they won't need internet because they have us, joking or not we don't recommend this approach. You will find yourself having a terrible experience. The purpose of these emails and our invitation travel guide is to prepare you to be autonomous and independent during your trip.

  • BEST OPTION: eSIM (if your phone supports it)

    • Download the Airalo App (it can be confusing to setup - Edward can help iPhone users, as he uses it a lot.)

  • Pocket Wifi /SIM card: Roughly $8/day (They will mail it to the airport for pickup - you typically cannot rent it after you arrive.)

Trains: Also if you plan on traveling Japan or taking the train around Tokyo consider a JR Rail pass to save money on train fares. If you haven't ordered one yet, they actually just increased the price again in less than 6 months as tourism is very high in Japan. It was half the price in 2022. So map out where you'll be going, add an additional 10% contingency and decide if the new cost is worth it for your destinations. (The pass will be mailed to your house roughly 30 days before your arrival, you must bring that pass with you to any JR train station office to activate it. Once activated you cannot pause it).

NOTE: You can easily find fare cost (stop to stop) on Google Maps.

  • Suica / PASMO cards: If you have an iPhone add credits to this card via your wallet app. You will only need to tap the back of your phone at the train station opposed to buying a physical ticket. You can also use this payment option at convenience stores, vending machines, and other places. This is a Japan peace of mind, efficiency cheat code.


January 2024: Budget Food in Japan (24 minutes)

February 2024: Etiquette in Japan for Tourist (5 minutes)

March 2024: What to do when I land at HND airport (7 minutes)

April 2024: Don't go to jail for medicine (10 minutes)

May 2024: Tokyo train system explained (16 minutes)



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